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Chain grate steam boiler
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This is a combustion technology on an endless chain grate and the fuel moves simultaneously with the chain grate. Chain grate stocker is driven from front to back by driving shaft, located in the front, which is driven by electric motor through gearbox. In the process of chain grate from front to back, phases of fuel combustion have occurred one by one and occupied certain areas along the length. The air supplied for the combustion process is blown from bottom to top by fans. The reed shields are placed in the air chambers to distribute the air evenly on the grate. Chain grate combustion will work efficiently with fuel that is uniformly, not too large.



Calculation and DesignAccording to ASME Standard and TCVN Standard
FabricationAccording to ASME Standard and TCVN Standard
Evaporation capacity1.000 – 40.000 kg/h
Design pressure10 – 150 bar
Steam parameterSaturated steam and Superheated steam
FuelIndo coal, 4A bran, rice husk, firewood.
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