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Asia Polytechnic Co., Ltd was founded and has been officially come into operation since 2008. Instead of settling for the present, we established Asia Thermaltechnic Co., Ltd in 2015 in order to expand our business. Our highly trained technicians always update and catch up with the latest information of technology to constitute breakthrough innovations in the industrial boiler market, which brings customers economic efficiency. APOLYTECH has significantly evolved over many years and has achieved many successes. Our capabilities include the full calculating, design, fabrication, installation a wide range of products, such as boiler systems, pressure equipment, thermal equipment and fishmeal production line systems serving the industry. With a strong focusing on the latest technologies, customer benefits, APOLYTECH has had a solid market share spreading across Vietnam.

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Inspection => Analysis => Solution

With a team of more than 300 employees and experts spread across Vietnam, Apolytech has the capacity to assist customers in operations and prevent problems that may arise.


Our boiler products and pressure equipment, exceptionally the fluidized bed boiler using multi fuels like rice husk, wood chip, cashew nut shells, coffee shells, sawdust, which are highly evaluated by customers for quality, performance, and especially environmentally friendly.

Fluidized Bed Boiler

Oil/Gas Fired Boilers

Chain grate steam boiler

Fixed grate steam boiler

Heat recovery steam generator (HRSG)

Thermal oil boiler



Steam basics

Introduction When water is heated at atmospheric pressure, its temperature rises until it reaches 212°F (100°C), the highest temperature at which water can exist at this pressure. Additional heat does not raise the temperature, but converts the water to steam. This ‘phase change’ requires a tremendous amount of additional energy input, as when steam condenses […]

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